Flying high

Flying high

A weekend 90 minutes outside Perth, for good food, watching the footy in a traditional Australian hotel, riverside walks, and the main reason; hot air ballooning. It’s something I have always wanted to try, and the experience was just as peaceful , exhilarating and surreal as I’d hoped.

Finding an old church, hidden down a tiny country road. A grave for a girl who was born in Stirling in 1797 and died near Toodyay 1857. A beautiful river walk along a very dry Avon River.

Grain silos painted with murals, as part of the Art Silo Trail through the south west of WA.

The hotel we stayed in is an old restored building, and is a focal point to bring tourism hence money and employment into a depressed farming town. there’s another one, in Katanning and I believe a third in the planking stage. These hotels, while boutique, luxurious and earning hopefully a good income for the owners, are providing great community benefit. We will visit, and explore yet another rosary of the state.

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