Offshore and fitness

Offshore and fitness

With the amount I am eating, I should be turning into a lump of lard. Three meals a day and endless snacks available, all good quality and tasty, would normally have an obvious outcome. However, I’m feeling fitter and healthier than ever.

I’m offshore again, and walking everywhere, climbing ladders, on my feet. the stairs are narrow, and I’m up and down them all the time. It’s getting easier every day, and I noticed the same change last time. I certainly didn’t lose the gains last time.

So I’ll go back to neural plasticity and the ability of our brains to re-wire when you do the same activity repeatedly. The MS lesions impacted my ability to walk and climb stairs, however a short, very intense few days of endless practise seems to create new pathways.

Then I get spectacular views to enjoy every night, and sunsets which are just spectacular. I love being out here.

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