Journeys and kayaking

Life is a journey, so the saying goes, and I’ve realised over the last years that I love journeys of all types. Most of my activities involve travelling, whether by land, water or snow, and the enjoyment comes as much from the travelling as the arrival at the destination. There’s a few photographs, to show just a few of the journeys I’ve loved, and one of the major frustrations of MS has been having to limit the travelling, whether that’s a few kilometres by kayak to get coffee, or many kilometres of walking to see lesser known parts of Spain.

The common theme I’m picking up is physical effort to move location is what I enjoy, while I love travelling the world the flight leaves me disinterested. It’s moving through the culture, landscape and people, at whatever pace suits, that really interests me.

Dog sledding in the Yukon, 2011

This was one of my favourite holidays, involving flying to the Yukon, snowmobile across a frozen Lake Laberge, followed by days of day trips with the dogs.

Kayaking the Whanganui in NZ, a four day one way trip, 2009

Four days kayaking down easy white water, through Lord of the Rings country, visiting marae and looking for elves.

Not sure which year at Broke, my home for a long weekend

Broke Inlet, peace and quiet with expanses of space. You have to kayak to get here, and there is no-one else around. It’s harsh and sparse and serene in the uniquely WA fashion.

Halong Bay, 2016, on our junk

Halong Bay, we travelled by boat, bus, legs, junk, plane, moped and kayak in Vietnam and Cambodia !

Freshwater Bay, Perth

The paddle I am so grateful to still be able to complete by myself, along our lovely river to a great coffee and breakfast place.

I am more and more realising that this AHSCT will be a journey, mentally, physically and emotionally. The destination I hope will be a halt to the progression of my MS, and any improvement will be a huge bonus. However I would rather try, and travel, to whatever destination I reach, than stay stationary and gradually decline.

2 thoughts on “Journeys and kayaking

  1. Moving and beautiful, Jen. So great to see all those moments we’ve shared or talked about. Feel lucky that we know so much of this journey. xxx

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