Camino de Santiago 2014

Four years ago, I walked the Camino, 1000 km approximate from the French-Spanish border to the western most point of Spain. This was one of the most amazing experiences and journeys for me, challenging and exciting, peaceful and companionable, through Spanish villages, rolling countryside and along medieval paths trodden for centuries. For vastly more detail, the blog of that journey is jenhcaminodelnorte, it comes up on a google search.

Facebook is doing it’s thing, and reminding me of the various posts I made at the time. So, this is one of the few posts I’ll update and it’ll move in the time line, as I’ll add memories and photographs as they appear.

The first weekend in San Sebastian, at Spanish school

This is confirmation of my decision to go for the AHSCT. I can walk maybe a kilometre now before the walking gets ugly, but fundamentally I can still walk and when cool and rested, with no problems. There is a symmetry to my treatment in Russia being 4 years exactly to the period of my previous longest journey.

My commitment is that , post AHSCT, say 2 years after to be hopefully past the rollercoaster recovery, I will walk as far as I am able. This will be to raise money for MS research and raise awareness of the treatment options available.

I had no idea at the time how important my walking was, to me. I took walking for granted.

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