Prayer & fear

Prayer & fear

Am I scared, and apprehensive, of what’s coming ! Hell yes. I’m functioning reasonably well, walking and driving and working, yet I’m going to have so many needles stuck into me it’s just not true, and having chemo that’s normally for cancer patients. Is this a risk that is worth taking ? I’m only a week away from departure date, and the nerves are really kicking in.

To go back to a previous post; it really helps that I’m communicating with people who have been over there, or going over at the same time, and sharing their experiences. Knowledge helps …. and having finished at work today, the support and empathy shown has lifted me greatly.

So yes, I’m scared. Excited at the same time, but there’s a huge element of fear.

However, fear is paralysing. Fear stops thought and action, I agree that a certain amount of fear and anxiety does drive us but excessive fear is corrosive and fires off all the stress hormones that are so detrimental to our health.

How do we, and I manage fear and stress ? I am openly not religious but strongly believe in the power of the mind. There is a growing body of scientific proof of the effect of emotions on health and well being, and how achieving a calm mind promotes health.

I’m a strong believer in meditation for this purpose, a few people have offered me their prayers. While prayer does not feature in my world view as a divine conversation, I respect and welcome the grace and peace that is offered in those prayers.

Besides, there is a very peaceful and serene feeling within a beautiful place of worship, from whichever tradition or belief system. So, my quiet time in a beautiful church, calming my mind, or reciting The Lord’s Prayer ( as a strong childhood memory and mantra to recite), brings me to a calmer place.

From calm, comes hope. From hope, can come a positive outlook and mind.

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