Climbing that mountain

” Body and Mind. You need them both. Mountain climbing, like most things in life, is 80% mental and 20% physical. Your attitude is the real determinant of your ability to achieve your goals.”

The Right Mountain by Jim Hayhurst

I was sent this quotation this morning, and it perfectly fitted my thoughts for this blog today. To capture the thoughts other way …

This journey I am undertaking is part of a greater journey, to health and the activities I love. Visualising this journey with mountains and hills and valleys really helps, and being in here, at the Pirogov Centre, really brings it home how different the mountain everyone has to climb.

Me struggling to get to the top of Mount Trio a couple of years ago

Everyone reacts differently to the treatment, and even at the very start where I am, we are having different experiences. I had no pain this morning, but very heavy arms and legs. By the afternoon this had worn off, and tomorrow will being what it brings. The mountain is different for everyone.

One of my favourite places and I will walk here again.

So much of this journey is mental, and maintaining the focus and disciple to take the steps necessary. I am seeing the summit as leaving the hospital here, with my new and fragile immune system. But downhill can be as hard as uphill. For me, this will be the roller coaster of rehab and recovery, which will be extended. This can be up to 18 months or more, there is no cable car to the bottom here. My neurologist here, Dr Federenko, is really clear that he does half the work, then rest is up to us and our determination.

There are pause points and rests on the way, which are certainly welcome when it feels a bit like Groundhog Day. We went out for dinner tonight ( hospital dinner diabolical), to a local Russian restaurant for a good feed !

Darlene, Adam and I. We started the same day.

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