Autumn is arriving

Autumn has definitely arrived. I am no longer used to cold weather, even though I love it, but when Darlene and I escaped the hospital for lunch today and a decent cup of coffee wouldn’t go astray ( sure there’s a song in that), I was rugged up in my puffy jacket, card, beanie and boots …. the Russians were in shirts and trousers. I’m blaming the shaved head of course.

Chemotherapy is now finished, and it has gone well. Some details, and this is all on the basis of a very successful course …. night sweats and ringing wet pyjamas, sleeplessness, so full of IV fluids that I had to get up to pee every 2-3 hours, weak as a tiny kitten ( not Milo by any means), legs as said before like puffer fish. However on the whole I am very thankful that this stage has gone as well as possible.

Tomorrow is a rest day with a brief ECG to check my heart, then all going well it’s the stem cell transplantation on  Wednesday. Apparently that takes only a few minutes but is pretty hard, with a feeling of great weight on your chest, heart racing, lots of drugs and doctors around just in case; well proven process but they do not take any chances here. After the transplant they basically confine you to bed for the rest of the day other than the stem cell party.

Thursday is another day of rest and supportive fluids, as they start monitoring my blood counts to determine when I have to go into full isolation.

Tiny slices of joy – realising the Russian green tea is rather nice, a tiny piece of very good Swiss chocolate from Christine, a crunchy pear for mid afternoon tea.

Autumn colours, they’re deadheading the flowers now. So glad I saw them in full glory

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