Day 7 of isolation

Not much has changed here, my hair is falling out still, which is a good indicator that the stem cells are starting to work.

My blood works are ok, but at the low end still so a hoped-for partial release from isolation, to mask status where I’m confined to the hospital grounds but allowed to see people as long as I wear a mask and so do they, had been delayed from tomorrow to probably Saturday.

Disappointing, but I have been reassured this is very much in the normal range and release tomorrow would have been at the early end of the normal range and another couple of days total normal. I could actually hear Andy’s voice today when he came in to drop some stuff off, but can’t see him … very frustrating.

What do I actually do here ? Other than IV fluids, blood tests, ventilation with meds ( due to that cough in the very early days) and eating of course …

  • Keep a routine going, I’ve found that really important. It can be as slowly paced as required, but gives the day structure
  • Reading books, paper and electronic
  • Email, social media, and this blog
  • Listen to a lot of music, and Spotify is a saviour. I’ve started listening to a lot more classical, as a change really helps
  • Watch the odd thing from ITunes, but I haven’t done as much of this as I’d expected
  • Drink tea, looking at the tree and watching as the colours change
  • Eat lovely Swiss chocolate given to me by a fellow Swiss patient. I’ve been eking out that chocolate and savouring it. Value the tiny slices of joy !
  • Do one thing at a time, slowly and deliberately. There’s no need to rush
  • And of course, the crochet ! The blanket is slowly growing, and it’s a great way to slowly work away, thinking quietly, listening to music.
Love it or hate it, it’s keeping me sort-of sane !

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