Curating my life

Curating my life

I use social media a fair bit, and find it a great way to stay in touch with people, exchange experiences in groups, and share how my recovery is going. A direction I noticed, and I am as guilty as anyone, is to only publish a very curated view of your life or experiences.

In the case of one of my post-AHSCT Facebook groups, I had actually stopped looking at the group as only negative stories and people with difficult side effects were participating. When some asked for positive stories and experiences, to give her positivity and light during the rehab roller coaster, many people ( myself included) thankfully came out with our positive experiences.

The common theme was that we all felt guilty being positive, when other people were having a really tough time.

On the other hand, I see lots of posts where only the happy, beautiful stories and images are shared, where all the negativity is curated out. What an unrealistic expectation this practice sets for other people, and a feeling of only being able to present the glossy image of perfection.

I am not saying bare all, as everyone has their own level of disclosure with which they are comfortable in very public forums. However, honesty is so valuable.

Cat spam. Because I can, and Milo is huge ! Mind you, mostly fluff …

And on that note, I kayaked in my single kayak today. Not far, but further than the previous time I kayaked in a single a week ago or so. Ok a different kayak and a different paddle, but I stayed on the water longer today. I managed a longer day at work yesterday, about 6.5 hours, although I was pretty exhausted afterwards.

Photo not taken by me, but this is where I paddled today

Just examples … I am still well behind where I was prior to treatment, but seeing the gradual improvements continuing. The hot sweats and badly broken nights are still really annoying, and I don’t know how long they will last. The fatigue is ongoing, I could sleep for Australia.

Small improvements will add up over time.

Again, not my photo but Chidley Point. Next paddle I’ll be aiming to reach this place, today I got 2/3 of the way there.

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