Another day, another journey

Another day, another journey

Today I’m flying to Hobart, to spend a quiet week of sleeping, eating, rehab, massages and catching up with friends. If the temperatures drop, and the smoke isn’t too bad from the bush fires, I’ll walk and swim as well. Tasmania is a beautiful place, a combination of wilderness and great food, a beautiful harbour and great modern art gallery, short distances that take an age on winding roads through tall trees, squeaky clean white beaches and thundering cliffs.

This beautiful image and these lines were in the magazine I bought for the flight, the fabric part of the rather gorgeous dress worn on the cover by Nicole Kidman. I liked the juxtaposition of high fashion, poetry and celebrating being outdoors.

Working for the last three weeks has been fine, however I am definitely tired now. Having a longer day yesterday, well 7 hours is long for me, certainly had an impact. So a week of peace and rest is very timely.

On a very positive note, my physiotherapist is very happy with my progress and the steps I’ve made in strengthening my core. He has reviewed the MSGym exercise plans, and has given them his seal of approval. I’m noting small improvements on a regular basis – today I got in and out of our shower, which is in a high sided bath, without even thinking about it. Before Moscow, I had to lift my leg into the bath every day.

The world is full of colour when you open your eyes

I love travelling, visiting new places or revisiting loved places, seeing friends again, exploring, experiencing different cultures. Then again, home is Freo.

TS Elliot

We shall not cease from exploration

And the end of all our exploring

Will be to arrive where we started

And know the place for the first time.

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