Neutropenic again

Neutropenic again

And … I’m neutropenic again ! My blood test at the end of last week showed that my white blood cell count and neutrophil count have plummeted down. This is not completely surprising, and according to my heamatologist, a known effect approximately four to five months after Rituximab, one of the drugs I had in Russia.

So it’s back to staying away from sick people and being a little more careful, no swimming for a while and eating carefully. I am on a series of injections which should get my immune system repairing itself again pretty quickly. I feel fine, so this is frustrating, nothing more.

On a lighter note, we went to Sculpture by the Sea at Cottesloe today, although I could not swim (on a beautiful warm autumn day !) the sculptures were as great as ever. We are so lucky to live in this place, and have the opportunity to go to an event life this, for free.

There were some beautiful little sculptures inside a building, in a way I liked some of them even more.

So I am going to take the next few weeks very easy, I will still go into work as I am very comfortable that people there will be heathy. I will avoid public transport, and eat out but only in busy places where the food is prepared fresh.

On a different subject, I am starting up a support group for people with auto-immune disease at work. Talking to a couple of people on the internet and at work has made me realise how well supported I have been through this whole journey, both at work and at home. The least I can do is to help provide the same support to others.

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