Busy, not busy

Busy, not busy

 I lied.

I said I was busy, but not in the way most people

think of busy. 

I was busy taking deep breaths.

I was busy silencing irrational thoughts.

I was busy calming a racing heart.

I was busy assuring myself I’m ok.

I was busy having tea. 

Sometimes this is my busy, without apologies.

Britton Oakman

A weekend in Bridgetown, a beautiful small town in the wooded south west of WA. It’s managed not to get pretentious but is a cute little country town, with good coffee, supermarket, butcher, couple of bakers, some nice shops and some very functional shops selling the sort of stuff you need to live.

I’m reading, crocheting, eating, walking and watching the mist rise above the trees. There has certainly been some sleeping as well, in a warm bed, watching the sun move across the trees. I needed this break, work has been a bit busy and I have realised that my resilience is still impacted. So this quiet weekend is very needed and welcome.

I am so guilty of filling every moment, and packing in as much as possible. It’s taking a very conscious effort to slow down, and appreciate peace. I think the quotation above will really help, as it focusses, in a very simple way, on the benefits of quiet to calm the beating heart, the panicky butterflies.

Today’s walk along the river, and a couple of photograph strolls around the property. I am very happy, this is my best day since well before Moscow.

My walking definitely deteriorated by the end, and there were a lot of breaks in that time, but I am very happy with achieving 11,035m. Compared to prior to Moscow, that’s considerably better.

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