A pleasant morning’s kayak

A pleasant morning’s kayak

I managed to kayak to Point Walter today, that’s a round trip of about 4km with a decent break for coffee in the middle. Not far, but it’s the first time I have managed to paddle that distance since before Russia. I managed to finish the trip strongly, against a light head wind and never felt I had to stop, then did a little bit of informal instruction for a new paddler in his new sea kayak. Each small victory adds up to a steady improvement.

Seeing the dolphins coming in close, herding fish, well that would have made the slightly early start worth it just for that.

The recovery is definitely not straightforward, this graphic which I’ve used before captures the recovery well. Last weekend was great for walking, then this week was really tough, lots of fatigue and sore legs, lack of motivation. Then today to manage that paddle was just the reminder I needed, to stay optimistic and upbeat.

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