Dongara; first night in the camper

Dongara; first night in the camper

I am so happy, from arriving at the campsite to fully set up was just under 30 minutes, including checking in and a toilet stop !

Now we’ve had a great, simple counter meal, a couple of ciders and we’re tucked up inside cosy as possible. Someone described this camper as a nest, and yes that’s a perfect analogy. Warm, sheltered and safe.

The journey up … peaceful once we got out of the city, rolling bush, blue choppy sea to one side, the odd white beach blasted by the wind, sand dunes rolling across the shore. Rain showers blowing across, some pretty fierce, followed by breezy sunshine. A lazy winding road, the Indian Ocean Drive is peaceful and not so busy. There’s such a feeling of anticipation, heading off in the car, self contained, to places I’ve never seen.

And Dongara, once we got here, a small sleepy town. The photographs tell the story.

Tomorrow is around five and half hours up to Monkey Mia, and hopefully lots of dolphins !

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