First outing from Perth

First outing from Perth

Our first real outing from Perth !

Our restrictions have lifted here, slightly, to allow you to ( distantly) meet up to 20 people, travel within some regions, to go camping, and this week’s easing – we can even go out for a meal. Distancing, numbers limited, contact tracing of course, but still it’s a fantastic improvement.

Getting down to Dwellingup last weekend, which is only about 90 minutes from here, camping in the tall trees, having a bbq on an open fire, chatting to friends with a bottle of beer; it felt like a taste of a more normal life again. We haven’t been nearly as severely impacted by Covid as many other places, so I can only imagine how it has felt to those stuck in tiny apartments, in big cities, for months.

We are lucky enough to have a garden, and were never restricted from going for a walk for exercise, with parks and the beach still open, and the luxury of a takeaway coffee. So we have never had the true limitations of four walls with no escape.

However, I still felt my heart open and mind relax, surrounded by trees and the river. There’s something about being out of the city, in a simpler setting, that is so soothing.

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