Another study unit

Another study unit

Well it’s time to post again, I’ve been studying and that really does absorb all my time. This unit is about energy, and access to energy, around the world. There’s a great measure, called the Trilemma index, which measures how

  • Secure a country’s energy supply is eg how easily is it disrupted, how reliable is the supply
  • Equitable that supply is ie how many people have access to that energy, and
  • Sustainable that energy is.

Australia isn’t as high as we could be, we score really well on equity but less so on security and sustainability given so much of our energy comes from coal and a lack of diversity in energy supply. The country indexes can be found here!/energy-index

Australia’s score is here, in a very cool diagram

This is tied into the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which is a series of strategic goals to which the UN and both countries and companies are trying to reach by 2030. The link below contains way more information, the main goal I am looking at is SDG7 however this is interlinked with many of the other goals.

The course is around how companies, and countries, can move towards improving all three aspects of the trilemma above and assist moving country trilemma indices in the correct direction . So it’s more around policy and governance, strategies and real measures which can be implemented, rather than the numbers.

My group project is designing an art gallery to go into Cape York, bringing power and employment to the area. So I’ll leave you with some of the beautiful art works form the area, and I have to visit sometime.

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