Time passes

I am sitting on a plane, flying to Melbourne for a long weekend with Joanna and Craig. Joanna and I are seeing a couple of shows, Craig and I going out for a lunch, I am going to treat myself to a massage and maybe some shopping in a different place.

Listening to a podcast, I heard a line that resonated with me;

You will never again be younger than you are, today.

I can’t write a citation, as I don’t know from where this came. My interpretation; while it’s easy to look back and wish to be at a previous stage of life, the memory is often rose-tinted. The realities of that time, whether that be stress of rewarding work, or all-absorbing training for an athletic event, or the gritty realities of a relationship; all becomes submerged in the memories we chose to keep.

I’d rather look forward. This weekend, revisiting sites of the Avon Descent, has truly reinforced for me that I can never go back to those years. This week, visiting a couple of friends in a city I love, is a reminder of the value of valuing what we currently have, now at this moment.

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