Beautiful sunset

Beautiful sunset

Sunset this evening was beautiful, and I managed to get up onto the helideck in time tonight. Sunset is just as dinner starts, so I’ve been missing it with finishing work, showering, eating. Tonight, I made a point of finishing early to just sit and watch the sea. In the afternoon we saw whales ! It’s humpback migration time, so although they were far away and only just visible, I suspect that’s what we ( my graduate Lucas and I) saw.

Another unit done and successful, so I am very happy with that. the next one starts in a few weeks, climate change science so will be really interesting and I suspect very sobering. It’s during an exceptionally busy time at work, so I have no idea how the balance of work/ study/ life will go.

Not much other news, I’m sitting in the tv room where the guys put on a film every evening. The big question is whether I go for chamomile tea or hot chocolate or pudding …

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