Symptoms & The MS Gym

Keeping a record of my MS issues and the various steps to try to manage them will, I feel, provide a valuable record for me. So the first record is today, when I completed my first MS Gym session and have some clear limitations against which I can measure progression or deterioration.

Walking – approximately a kilometre is fine, but after that distance my right leg starts to swing, and the foot drop with the right foot kicks in. If I’m tired, these effects start much more quickly.

Right arm weakness, and right hand – this is pretty much permanent. I have full mobility and coordination but limited strength. My writing gets bad by the end of the day, and I can only kayak for maybe 2km (albeit against the current) before my arm starts giving up. The white water kayaking, other than the odd park&play, is definitely off as I can’t rely on my arm.

Balance – the odd stagger, and definite concentration needed if I’m carrying anything. I haven’t fallen for a while, and it seems to happen when the ground level changes.

Fatigue – it has been worse previously, but I need to rest for an hour or so every day. The insomnia doesn’t help, as a bad few nights of sleep is really draining. Perhaps I am just getting better at managing the fatigue.

The MS Gym is 6 days a week, and this program is for 6 weeks. A big commitment, but one I have to make, so that I get to Russia as fit as possible.

Some photographs from last weekend’s trip to Dwellingup, and the same from exactly a year ago.

Last year …

This year …

My goal is to walk as far as I can. If that is short walks in National Parks and around town, so be it. However there’s a list of hikes I’d love to do if I can …

  • Tarkine in Tasmania
  • West Highland Way in Scotland
  • Queen Charlotte Sound in NZ
  • Milford Track in NZ
  • Valley of Flowers in India
  • The ultimate goal, the Appalachian Way in the USA.

One thought on “Symptoms & The MS Gym

  1. If you ever come to the US to hike the Appalachian Trail, you have a place to stay in Atlanta! I have MS too. My age and EDSS are similar to yours. I am scheduled for treatment in Russia in September…


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