Tiny slices of joy

There’s been a post lurking in my mind for the last few days, but it was only when a couple of related Facebook posts I put up in my MSGym and AHSCT in Russia sites got good reactions that this post came together.

Leunig, he composes some beautiful pictures. Some are very political, but some thought provoking and gorgeous.

Joy of missing out !? I miss my long hikes and camping in the wilderness, kayaking and running. It’s so hard to lose that connection with the wild.

However, the need to rest has made me focus on the activities I can pursue. A quiet morning in the sun, with the cats, and a good book or crochet – there’s a tiny slice of joy. A great coffee in Fremantle, my favourite place, with Andy – there’s another tiny slice of joy.

DuckDuck Bruce, in Fremantle

One of the main principles of the MS Gym is about repetition, retraining your neural pathways, and your brain and body being trained to communicate with each other again.

I would say that recognising these tiny slices of joy trains your brain to see the joy in your life, in the midst of all the difficulties.

I’m surrounded by my three cats, sitting in the sun on a comfortable sofa. Tiny, but that’ll do !

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