Fremantle Sunday

A quiet, windy and occasionally sunny Sunday in Fremantle, reminding me why I live in this dry, dusty, far flung big town on the edge of the Pacific, thousands of miles from anywhere.

Fremantle swimming pool

I swam 10 lengths before getting a bit cold, happy with that as I haven’t swum for a couple of months. My head phones didn’t work and it was rather peaceful just swimming along, although I’m praying that they’ve just run out of charge. I definitely want to bet back into the habit of regular swimming, how far doesn’t really matter but the motion and exercise do matter, and I am a complete convert to open air swimming, even if it means a dash back into the changing rooms at the end.

Then over the road to Fremantle Art Centre, a beautiful old building. Once a hospital, it’s now a quirky art centre, with exhibitions throughout the year. Just now is a retrospective on the Indigenous ladies who were the first here in WA to become known in what was a very male dominated field. Beautiful paintings, and I think I might be going back for a second visit. The fact the coffee in the cafe is good certainly helps, and the exhibitions are generally free so very accessible to the community.

Tjapartji Kanytjuri Bates, 1931-2015
Pantjiti Mary McLean, b 1935

And now for the rest of the afternoon, as the rain comes down …

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