I made a stupid mistake this week. I worked to about 6:30pm on Tuesday, thinking I needed to complete a document for an important meeting at work on Thursday. On Wednesday I was wiped out, so tired I had to go home early. On Thursday the meeting went really well, and would have been fine even without the extra hours, for which I paid the next day. The document could have been updated on Wednesday without a problem.

It is easy enough to manage the fatigue if I am careful, but this was a reminder that I really do need to pace myself. Hopefully the AHSCT will restore my energy levels, even if this takes some time. In the meantime, no long hours and no more than two activities a day.

If I don’t do the treatment

  • I will always wonder what could have happened, and where I could have been
  • My issues will just keep getting worse, the path is only steadily downwards, and the gradient is increasing
  • Sure, I’ll have more money as this treatment is not cheap. But what’s the value of money if I’m increasingly impacted ? I’d rather have to work a little longer, but be able to work, than live the alternative.

I’ve realised I use a lot of images and words from others, but sometimes other people capture exactly my thoughts and express them better than I.

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