Delicious food nourishes not only the body, but the soul as well.

This is my current favourite shop, I am generally not much of a shopper and hate shopping centres, however when it’s for food, it’s all different ! I love browsing, and finding, cool food shops with unusual ingredients.

Food is a necessity, we must eat to live. So why not enjoy and relish this daily ritual ?

Currently I am eating a diet which seems to keep the MS symptoms reasonably under control. It seriously minimises meat, dairy and sugar, while focussing in fish, vegetables and whole foods. This minimises the inflammation of my immune system, and based on the last few months does seem to work. By eating this way 95% of the time, and really enjoying good quality tiny serves of meat and cheese, I can keep this sustainable.

While I can cope with this diet, and can eat lots of lovely food, my hope post AHSCTis that I regain the energy to relish cooking again, and exploring food in all it’s joy.

This weekend just past has been a great foodie weekend

  • Cook & Mason, a restaurant in East Fremantle, for duck and beetroot in a salted plum sauce ( definitely part of the 5%), awesome vegetables and rather nice wine
  • Dinner with friends on Saturday night, with snapper and roasted fennel and tomatoes
  • Curry and baked fish Sunday evening around the fire with other friends. Dahl, chicken curry where I ate around the chicken, rice and baked fish.
  • Breakfast each day porridge with coconut & almond milk, maple syrup and fresh fruit, with a great black coffee

I do recognise the privileged existence I live, with great shops and markets around me, and people who love cooking and sharing food. This I never take for granted.

  • In the words of Michael Pollan;

    “Eat food. Mostly plants. Not too much. ”

    I can live with those rules.

    And tiny slices of joy ? Huge, joyful slices of joy in a shared meal with friends, food and wine.

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