First days in Moscow

I’m largely going to let the photographs tell the story here, Moscow is a spectacular city. Yes, it’s full of tourists and escaping the selfie sticks is nearly impossible. However there’s a reason for that popularity and the sheer density of amazing buildings, sharp contrasts, parks, cafes and depth of history makes the popularity self-explanatory.

So there’s a pile of photographs here, but the place just begs to be photographed. I’m not showing the traffic jams, or piles of construction going on, or some of the unrestored and nearly derelict buildings, but this is a taste of the last day and a half.

The walls of the Kremlin, expect more photographs today once I’ve been inside
St Basil’s Cathedral, as spectacular as I’d always anticipated
The glorious main chapel, the photograph really doesn’t do it justice
Ornate doors joining all the small churches inside the cathedral. A very different layout to the cathedrals with which I am familiar.
One side of Red Square, the GUM store and the most expensive Italian restaurant I’ve ever seen ! But what a view.
Not that I lie my food, but breakfast in the hotel … omelette, salted salmon, yoghurt and a black coffee. I can live with that of a few days.
Tourist shops the world over are the same
Spot that twisting tower ! A complete change from the old city, but Moscow is a city of contrasts as I’m finding out.
Kids love a bit of sculpture
Ice cream at the top of a skyscraper, got to be done. This is Alexey, the taxi driver and tour guide who took me around Moscow for the half day
Outside the beautiful, peaceful and tourist-free Armenian cathedral. One of the most peaceful places I’ve been so far in Moscow, even with a couple of wedding parties
Inside the cathedral, and again the photograph really doesn’t do the serene place any justice
Lighting a candle to the success of my treatment at the shrine to St Nicholas


Kids playing in a fountain on an unseasonably balmy evening, with Russian music laying in the background 
I got so lucky, to be in the park watching the sun set over the Kremlin and St Basils while listening to a broadcast of classical music

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