Another day in Moscow

Another day in Moscow

Or this post could be titled ‘The Kremlin and the Moscow Underground’, as that’s pretty much what I’ve done today. The Kremlin is amazing, so much in there to see and explore, and I didn’t even do the extra tour of the Armoury as the tickets were sold out. The Underground, well it’s not the London or Glasgow Underground for sure ! Lenin had grand visions for the Moscow Underground and they have certainly been achieved.

I’m very glad to have had these days here in Moscow, in a tiny hotel tucked in a side street just near the Kremlin. My walking was terrible today, with hot weather and reasonable distances to manage, so while the days have been great it’s been a really good reminder of why I am here. This is a brief respite before my admission to hospital tomorrow and the start of treatment.

The old parliament just inside the Kremlin. It looks like you can go anywhere, but step off the tourist path and a Russia soldier with a very large rifle stops you very quickly ! I stepped onto the road to get a photograph and was very clearly put back on the allowable path.
A quiet corner, and it always pays to look up. The detail is incredible, and easy to miss the corners and quiet spots.
Anyone who knows Moscow will know how long it took me to get that shot with so few people in it. I am going to be politically incorrect and say I hate Chinese tour groups, they are rude and pushy and noisy, Moscow would be better without them.
Another cathedral, beside the old palace. Putin doesn’t live here, the Tsars used to live here
The gate leaving the Kremlin, unseasonably warm and a beautiful garden
The walls of the Kremlin, just as you leave and enter Red Square. St Basil’s is just behind you
And for a complete change, the GUM shopping centre, completely over the top and full of designer clothing, watch and jewellery stores. I doubt many Russians can afford to shop here
That Metro ! it’s amazing, the Community youth volunteered en masse to construct the Metro, as civic duty and pride in their city dictated.
Not a bad commute to work
the top of the escalators leading to street level
Food is important ! Borsht soup, two salads and a pot of tea for $9 AUD. I’m comfortably full if not stuffed now.

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