Four days of chemo

Four days of chemo

I now have four days of chemo to come. All the required stem cells have been taken, and are now frozen safely awaiting reinjection once my immune system has been ablated.

To be clear, my immune system needs to be partly destroyed, to allow the stem cells to assist with re-setting the immune system. By themselves, they would do no good; they are an aide to ‘re-booting’ my immune system without the reactive components which attack the myelin sheath.

I think this will be one of the hardest parts of the treatment, so far there has been discomfort and tiredness, but not much pain or sickness. The hard part of the ascent starts now.

Today has been a quiet day of rest, as taking the stem cells was very tiring. Not painful, just wearing and I slept a good hour or so this afternoon.

My pill box for tomorrow!

Today was another lovely sunny, unseasonal day here in Moscow, so a lot of time was spent outside in the sun.

The crochet has taken a hit as well, it’s growing and I may have a blanket by the end of my time here.

4 thoughts on “Four days of chemo

  1. You’re doing so well Jennifer. Enjoy the sunshine and gardens while you can. You’ll be stuck inside soon enough when your blanket will grow very quickly I’m sure.


  2. Tough days to come Jen but we know you’ve got so much inner strength to carry you through. Shame you can’t just sleep through it all:) On Ya Jen.


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