Crossing the Rubicon

Crossing the Rubicon

Lifted straight from Wikipedia …


Refers to Julius Caesar‘s crossing of the Rubicon River to wage civil war with Rome, on January 10, 49 BC, in violation of law. This act is also the origin of the phrase the die is cast.


cross the Rubicon (third-person singular simple present crosses the Rubicon, present participle crossing the Rubicon, simple past and past participle crossed the Rubicon)

1 (idiomatic) To make an irreversible decision or to take an action with consequences.

I had my first day of chemotherapy today, and with all the love and prayers so many people are sending me, it went well. I was very tired afterwards, a little nauseous but nothing sunshine and a gentle walk didn’t cure. Apparently the first two days are not too bad, then the effects start really kicking in and I’ll start to feel pretty grim. However they have really good medication here so I am sure anything will be dealt with as necessary.

One of our beaches in WA, near Witchcliffe. I will walk confidently here again, and play chase with little children

Starting chemotherapy was my personal Rubicon. The crossing has started, but more to go as I’m nowhere near halfway yet. However this feels …. final …. somehow. My immune system is compromised and will only become more so in the next days.

Excuse the detail but I’m bloated, hooked up to tubes everywhere and adult nappies …. just don’t go there ! Sorry work guys, my Rubicon is rather undignified at the moment, but I have friends here with whom to share the laughter.

Such fun playing with the bed, I haven’t broken it yet ! More adjustments than business class

This journey is far from over, but I’ll pay the ferryman when he gets me to the other side. How I don’t know yet and it won’t be coin but time and effort, but stopping this disease will be worth every hour and minute. Yes, I am mixing metaphors wildly here and the river in the song is the river Styx, but I love the song.

Listen here, or google the song.

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