Contemplation and serenity

Contemplation and serenity

After my stem cell treatment tomorrow about mid- day, when my frozen stem cells are rapidly defrosted then reinjected back into my body, I’ll be going into isolation for approx 7 days. The approximation is due to the need for blood counts to rise and stabilise, as my stem cells reboot my immune system.

I’m not sure how I feel about the isolation. So far Darlene and I have been out most days, even if just around the hospital grounds for a coffee and to see the flowers. However from I think Thursday that will all change and I’ll be in my room 100% of the time.

I have plenty to do here, easy acccess to the mad communication of the modern world due to WhatsApp, Messenger, email, FaceTime etc., but the daily routine will become very important.

The crochet, the music, the books, meditation, will all become more important as will the view of my tree outside the window which is now turning colours to glorious autumn.

And how often do we get time to just think, and be, and contemplate our lives ?

A visualisation someone used for my baby naive stem cells, was to imagine them as a universe of tiny stars repopulating my immune system. I think that will help tomorrow, when my stem cells are reinjected then spend the next days migrating through my blood system and bone marrow, I can visualise my immune system as a universe of complexity, scarcely known.

Courtesy Scott Godley

The Milky Way at Karajini, in the far NW of WA

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