Now the plateau

Now the plateau

I have my stem cells transplanted, yesterday, and that exhausted me far more than I had imagined. I’m basically allowed to wander around the floor with a mask on, but nothing else.

This morning was rough, more to do with tiredness and a bout of constipation ( enough said) but the doctors got onto everything very quickly and I’m now resting quite happily in my bed with a book, enjoying weak autumn sunshine.

Unfortunately yes this means my daily coffee expedition and visit to the chapel are also curtailed, but there is no way I would breach any of the orders from the Doctors here.

Attached just a couple of photos from the stem cell party yesterday, which was simple and beautiful. A few words from Dr F, he pins an iris brooch on you, you throw the dry ice down the corridor ( video to follow hopefully) then chat and cake although all very peaceful as we’re hardly party animals at the moment.

Receiving my brooch from Dr F
Darlene, Adam and I who had our party on the same day, and Darlene the next day

Now it’s the plateau of isolation and initial rebuilding of my immune system. This will take many months, but I see these first weeks, here in Moscow, as being the vital first stepping stones. Once I leave Moscow and the amazing support here, the descent commences in true.

Lunch today was boiled steak and two boiled apples but if that’s what they think I need, I will not argue !

The path lies ahead, the flowers are beginning to bloom, and the way ahead is sunny. Dr Federenko pins an iris pin on, but I’ve chose some images of WA irises from down south, as directly relevant to me.

Ang and Michael, I have ruthlessly stolen some of your photographs, thanks in advance !!

5 thoughts on “Now the plateau

  1. Dear Jennifer,
    Thank you for letting us in with your beautiful words and writing.
    Keeping you in our thoughts and wishing you well,
    With love, Simon and Teresa


  2. Hi Jen, well done. Keep it up. Wicket hairy I must say 🤪.

    Last day in the old building for eng centre today. Christmas on Monday.

    Take care!



  3. A beautiful iris flowered in our garden this week – much later than usual and well after all the others – it is a glorious deep purple and wonderfully perfect.
    I had been waiting for news of your stem cell / star transplant and send you our love to fortify your strength and bravery for rebuilding your body and returning to us soon.
    Gena and Indi xxx


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