Relative freedom

Relative freedom

It’s day 9 of isolation, and I’ve just been told I can go to mask mode this afternoon ! This means that, although I can’t leave the floor, I can leave my room and visit people as long as I and they wear a mask. It’s a huge relief to get out of the room, isolation was fine but I was getting frustrated.

As for leaving, the doctors will only make the call when certain levels are reached, in my blood counts, and I’ve had another few injections and IV treatments but it’s looking good for the planned Wednesday departure from Moscow.

So today for variety I’ll add talking to people, podcasts into my repertoire of activities, maybe even streamed radio … I just haven’t felt like active listening so far, so I’m seeing this as a good sign of recovering attention and incipient boredom.

Some photographs taken by Andy, he’s doing tourist stuff while waiting for my release date.

A Hydra bbq. Why wouldn’t you ?

Cat spam from a year ago. Because I can …

Love the murals on the buildings

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