Home & resting

Home & resting

I’m back home now, after a great couple of flights with Qatar. I’ll give them full praise, food was heated up extra hot for me, the wheelchair assistance was invaluable and watching Andy nearly jog to keep up was priceless !

In Doha, even though I said I could walk up and down the aircraft steps, they brought a lift to assist. Then, in the lounge, the chef got me a special extra hot portion of food from the kitchen to avoid the bain-marie. The speed with which you get through the airports with assistance was phenomenal. We got preferential paths through Immigration, Security, and Customs.

Flying business class made a huge difference as well, having that much space was invaluable and meant we could sleep properly.

Andy’s food, not mine. Prawns will be off my menu for a while

And the joy of real food ! I know it’s only a banana, but after the Russian food it was so welcome.

So I’m home, very tired, and have spent most of today dozing. The next few days are all about resting, then I start the long rehab journey. Previously I’ve said that leaving Russia is reaching the top of the mountain, and now is the long trek down the mountain. I’d still agree with that analogy, I’m very aware I’m full of medication and steroids, and have been looked after by a fantastic medical team.

Now, it’s down to us. This is the start of the hard work and focus, to complete the journey.

Food home delivery from Coles
Some reading for the next few weeks

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