Outings & meditation

Outings & meditation

I have managed a couple of outings ! I’ve been down to the beach for a walk and coffee, and a coffee in Fremantle when Julie took me in for an appointment at the opticians. Spot the coffee theme ?

It felt wonderful to get out of the house, and do something normal. As the beach and both coffee shop outdoor areas were very quiet, I felt comfortable enough to take the mask off, and breath in the air.

Today is a rest day, I’ve been doing very gentle exercise and had a couple of outings this week, so it must feels right to take today very quietly. We were advised in our final meeting with Dr Federenko to ensure that we rested enough, so I feel justified in having a sofa and snoozing day !

I meditate most days, as I find it a really good way to clear my mind and relax.

Interestingly, during the meditations and the lovely reiki session with Elena yesterday, whenever I had to focus on an activity or feeling, I was drawn to Walpole. Either the trees, or paddling across the inlet in the early morning, or the mist rising over the trees, or the colours at sunset and sunrise came to mind.

This is the beautiful area on the south coast of WA we visit every year after Christmas. I have been cautious about whether I can or should go this year, but finding Walpole in every meditation makes me really keen to be there.

Some photographs of Walpole and the area below, although they do not do it justice.

I was also drawn to sunset followed by sunrise, and the colours of the sunset and sunrise, clear and vivid, maybe symbolic of a new life, MS free, on which I am embarking. Photographs of sunset to follow, maybe my next trip out. Sunrise is far too early here in WA for me 😉

The beach just by the campground, very shallow water and the pelicans are always there
Beautiful hiking country
Morning paddle across the inlet to the sea, before the wind comes up

Yes, that is a snowman on the rock ! Can’t remember what he was made of, cotton wool or similar

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