Beloved Fremantle

Someone commented about “my beloved Fremantle”. Yes, I can’t think of a better place to recuperate for a couple of months. I am now getting out most days, and doing my walking practice somewhere beautiful. It does seem to be the beach, most days !

Various photographs of Fremantle, some taken by me, some by Phil, some by Geoff and some by Andy. This is more of a photographic post just to show a few views of Fremantle.

The weather is getting really good here now, and not too hot yet, so I’ll be enjoying this beautiful place, before heading back to work part time maybe December. That feels about right, my energy is returning slowly and I’m starting to get bored, which I am seeing as a good sign.

For information, my blood results are all going the right direction. While I am still being careful, I am now able to meet people and go out for coffee or a freshly cooked meal. Still wearing the mask 😷 a lot, whenever there are lot of people or people with unknown health.

Taken by Geoff Palmer

Our back garden ! One of my favourite places in Fremantle 😊
Not in Fremantle, but the Dockers winning a match !

Taken by Andy Pearce
Taken by Andy Pearce

Taken by Phil Doring
Taken by Phil Doring
Taken by Phil Doring

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