Opera at the Quarry

Opera at the Quarry

An evening of light opera, a picnic and the first evening out in a public place, even with the mask 😷 on it was a lovely evening.

I blame Darlene, my stem cell sister I met in Moscow, who introduced me to opera, Her mother was an opera singer, in New York, and Darlene had a major influence on my listening during isolation. Less of the Midnight Oil and Nirvana, more La Traviata and similar, which I really enjoyed.

Having seen the haematologist a few days ago, my blood results are looking good, so while I still have to be careful he is happy with my progress. He has also said I can swim, as long as it’s from a clean beach. So I now have another form of gentle exercise, although the swimming pool is still out of bounds. I have yet to work out how a haematologist knows so much about ocean currents, he must be a surfer or similar, but he has specified which beach is the cleanest in Perth and I won’t query his judgement.

So I am now allowed to meet people and eat most foods, as long as everyone is healthy and I avoid any foods which could have bacterial issues. Still no sushi or blue cheese, but safe to eat out in busy places.

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