2 months since my stem cell transfer

It’s just over two months since my stem cell transplantation. Today I’m off into Perth city to have lunch with a friend, after doing a few errands. Tomorrow is dinner with other people, after a gentle walk mid-morning. Friday is coffee with yet another friend, followed by the Fremantle art market in the evening … with MSGym and gentle walking & swimming.

Flowers from Ange, still going strong a week later

I guess where I’m going with this list of socialising and gentle exercise is two fold

  1. I’ve already come a long way since I returned, when all I did was sleep, and eat. My progress, and I have to remind myself, is gently but noticeably upward. There are hard days, the roller coaster I’ve referred to before is very real, but I need to be patient and remember that the hard part is the months and months of rehab.
  2. The value of community around me is so clear. The regular visitors and coffee/ lunch dates have really kept the days passing easily and gently, and I have never felt isolated.

Onwards the downhill part of the journey.

One of my exercise locations ! Tough I know, when I have to swim here
Milo ‘assisting’ with my Internet exercises
Myia enforcing rest time

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