First hot day of summer

First hot day of summer

It’s 36 degrees here in Perth, the first really hot day and I am so glad of the air conditioning. The cats are both lurking inside, and while I’m outside, it’s in the shade where we have a breeze. I bought some hats yesterday !

They were from the markets, which were packed with tourists from all around the world. So wearing the mask seemed like a sensible option, based on my blood tests I only need the mask in very busy places or where someone may be sick.

We went down to Margaret River this weekend, for a really quick trip, as I was getting restless at home. It does seem a bit extravagant to go all the way to Margaret River for just one night, it’s 3 hours away, but the change of scenery was really needed. I also got a fair bit of Christmas shopping done as there’s some lovely gourmet food shops there; the best chocolate, awesome olive oil, the venison farm and we didn’t even get started on the bakeries and cheese places. Lunch at a cafe by the beach and dinner in the hotel were pretty good as well !

While it was great to get away for a night, and see different vistas, spending today quietly at home has been lovely. I had been starting to pack activities into the day and have to remember that I need time to be quiet.

I’m trying to be the duck, watching people bustling around

Lots of time being very peaceful is still welcome. I slept all the way home yesterday, and late this morning, a good reminder that I still need to build resilience.

Not sure if the cats love or hate the crochet !

Recovery – still seeing tiny improvements, so I am seeing that as a very positive indication. How much this is due to the treatment, the MSGym, plentiful time to rest or attitude I just don’t know. I suspect it’s a mixture of everything, with the treatment being the strongest contributor, however I don’t really care. A slow windy path down still gets you to the bottom of the mountain.

It’s a tough life, a mug of tea at the desk of my home office, in the sunshine

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