The Rules

I got a card in the post from the MSGym, which went to every member. The card is rather battered and worn, showing its trip from Denver to Fremantle. I really like these ‘Rules’, the idea of living a life by design rather than being pushed around really appeals to me.

Putting the card on the FaceBook group, one of the ladies commented it was ‘ a bit worn, a bit battered, but carrying a strong message. Just like us MS warriors’. Feeling like a warrior, fighting an insidious disease – that’s a metaphor I like.

Back to work – I now have my clearance to go back to work in January, 20 hours a week to start with to see how that goes. I’m getting restless, much as I’ve had some peaceful time it feels like time to get out and earn my keep. I will have to see how I manage with the hours and my fatigue, which is still very strong, but there are lots of options to work from home.

I love Perth beaches

The banks of the Swan, just upstream of the city
Live music at sunset in the art centre

And because I can, some kitten spam. Officially the biggest kittens in the world !

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