Winding road

Winding road

It’s definitely a long and winding road to health, I knew the recovery would be hard and am so glad I was aware. I am still experiencing a relatively smooth path, but it’s certainly a roller coaster.

Two days ago I kayaked, in a double with the help of a good friend, 10 km along a shaded, beautiful flat river here in Walpole. This time last year I may have managed that journey, but I’m not sure.

Yesterday was a lovely, very short walk, up Mount Clare and views of the distant sea. 2km return now feels like a success, over uneven ground.

The joys of the campfire ! It is so nice to be able to sit around there fire, chatting and laughing.

However, it’s a twisting road. Two days ago day I was so tired I was tripping over, knocking wine bottles over. I felt terrible. Was I drunk as assumed ? Two glasses of wine after a big day, so maybe, maybe not.

Yesterday when walking off the ( rather flat) peak of Mount Clare, I couldn’t find the path back. It turned out I’d gone the wrong direction, and had to do a systematic sweep around the peak to find the path back down. I found it, after maybe 15 minutes of careful search, backwards and forwards.

Maybe a needed reminder that this path of recovery and recuperation will need to be revisited and redefined continually, and slow movement forward, finding my way, is just fine.

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