Walpole, with measurable improvement

Walpole, with measurable improvement

Another year, another Walpole trip.

This trip, down to the South coast of WA, has become an annual pilgrimage to a place of tall trees, cool weather, misty rain followed by strong sunshine, clear water in which to swim, all with great local food and wine. If it sounds idyllic, well it is a small piece of heaven. How it would be to live here I just don’t know and I am sure it’s hard living with such a seasonal influx and no industry. However, we can’t help returning every year.

Compared to the year before I went to Russia, the improvement is noticeable;

  • I kayaked to Monastery Landing, a return trip of 10km. Before, I could kayak maybe 2km
  • I walked 7km. Before, 3km
  • I managed, with help from taller and stronger people, to put up the camper trailer on my own. Before, wouldn’t have even considered it. I was lifting kayaks on and off cars, with help !

Everything took a long time with lots of breaks, but is noticeably better than the year before I went to Russia for the AHSCT. For example, walking around the Knoll (4km) prior to treatment I limped into camp with the leg swinging badly. This time, I walked in steadily, some foot drop but not terrible.

How much of this improvement is due to the fact I could sleep as I needed, stress was low, and the weather was noticeably cooler, I just don’t know. Eating good food I am sure has an influence as well.

And some of the wildlife and flora of a cool, temperate and very rainy area …

I’ve just reviewed my post from the same time, same trip last year, it’s here https://mylongestjourney.blog/2018/12/30/winding-road/.

I talk about a long and winding road to recovery. I’d stay with that metaphor, hopefully I am now on the slow, gentle descent to health.

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