Precious time

Precious time

I’m sitting here, listening to Spotify playing in the background, letting it do the hard work of choosing the music. The current playlist is all classical music, there’s one for me that’s rock based, and one more musicals and film sound tracks. There is clearly a great algorithm which watches what I listen to, and tailors my playlists once I get past the Big Brother aspect of the internet, the functionality offered is fantastic.

It’s precious time being able to sit here;

  • looking at the view of my garden in springtime, listening to good music
  • walking through tall trees, enjoying cool, calm, grey weather
  • sitting in a cafe with coffee and a cake, which is today’s activity ( I started this post a while ago)
  • quietly reading a book on the sofa
  • Wellington Dam, sitting reading a book. Listening to the melodious hum of generators in the background but that’s another story.

We all tend to rush around, trying to fit in as much as possible in every minute. I’m certainly guilty of this behaviour. I haven’t made any New Year’s resolutions, but if there were to be any, it would be to take time for each activity and not fall into our normal stress, hectic existence.

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