Recovery milestones, MRI results

Recovery milestones, MRI results

It’s been almost exactly 14 months since my stem cell transplantation, and there have been a number of milestones creeping up on me. The one year anniversary was less important than I’d realised, however this weekend I was sitting out ( surrounded by tall trees while camping), reflecting on a few gradual changes.

I’ve had the results from my MRI done a couple of weeks ago, there has been no change. Given the AHSCT is very much about halting progression, I am very happy to see that one of the main clinical indicators is showing no deterioration. This means that there has been no further attacking of my myelin sheath by my new, naive immune system. Repair of the myelin sheath is an area where a lot of research is being done right now, and I am watching with great interest.

Not my MRI, but illustrates the impact of MS really well

As a counter point to the MRI, there have been other, less quantifiable, improvements;

  • I had my first Karratha trip since Russia, and managed to walk a couple of kilometres in the Pilbara heat. I may have walked a little further than my medical clearance allows, but hey, I managed it
  • generally work is going well although I am still very strict on hours. I am probably around 6.5 hours a day, so not up to full time yet but not far off
  • physically I managed a much better, harder training session last week
  • I am walking much better with better posture, although as soon as I get tired, or too hot, the poster and walking deteriorates quickly. However thee is a noticeable improvement, to me anyway. This I feel is largely due to the MSGym exercises and physio, my physio suggested in the very early days that this exercise would be a lifetime commitment. Now, I believe him.

There’s a couple of graphs and images I’ve posted before but here they are again, and how true they are.

There was a bad period, after the fantastic holiday to Karijini. There was a lot of driving, and I let my regular rehabilitation exercise go completely for the duration. A lot of training, physiotherapy and massage, and everything has come back to better than before, but this really forced me to accept my point above. the focus on rehabilitation is a life long commitment. A couple of days off here and here is fine, but three weeks …. not possible for me.

I always said I was happy to stop progression, and each time I reflect on my current physical condition, I am happy to be where I am. The results of the MRI are useful clinical data, but pay no account to the physical improvements I am slowly, steadily, experiencing.

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