Camping again

Camping again

Yes, camping again and it’s so pleasant to be out with the camper trailer again. Not exactly a wilderness camp, but on the banks of Wellington Dam with clear, fresh water on which to paddle board around.

There’s a word here in Australia, ‘bogan’. It’s hard to define, other than by example; this place captures it well – sitting in the evening enjoying the sun set to the melodious sound of three generators ( one of them ours), paddling today to the sound of the jet skis, large utes going past with dirt bikes … it’s a great place, with it’s own unique identity !

A dam well below it’s normal level, been a dry few years here
A great little brewery for lunch, run by a colleague of Andy’s

As for my paddle boarding, walking, climbing into the trailer, it’s all noticeably better than the Karijini trip. I am still nowhere near even 2017 and the various holidays that year, but the improvements still keep happening.

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