Recovery & Waterlicht

Recovery & Waterlicht

The rollercoaster, I knew it was real and everyone is aware of it. I’ll maintain that I am having a very easy recovery, and the dips of the roller coaster for me have been fatigue, aches & pains, decreases in walking ability rather than major infections and hospitalisations.However, it’s so real ! The holiday with the camper and driving around the North west of our state was beautiful, and lots of physical activity, but I let the physiology and MSGym exercise go completely for three weeks. Big, big mistake. Add in lots of sitting in the car, and my hips, pelvis and back really seized up.

A few visits to the physio, lots of massage, and getting back to my exercises plan, and my body is starting to get much better. I am very happy to go on similar holidays again, but my structured exercising cannot stop, ever. That yoga mat will be tucked into the camper trailer for every trip.

My physio said to me a few months ago that I had to see myself as an athlete, and this training is part of my job. The job of living, and walking, and enjoying life.

My other job, the one that brings in the money to enable this great lifestyle I lead, is bringing its’ own stress with it. This is one of my challenges going forward, as its certainly not helped in the last months. Listening to an MSGym podcast, Trevor talked about the role of movement in helping you fight stress; this gives me another reason to realise that the movement is part of my job of living, and working in the industry where I’ve made my career.

Part of my lifestyle and where I live; the shows and festivals. Last night there was a beautiful light show, Waterlicht by a Dutch artist, down at the Esplanade Park in Fremantle. The theme was climate change and the impact of rising water levels; ‘waterlicht’ means ‘waterlight’. However, standing back from the serious message, it was just lovely to watch and Fremantle had an eery, atmospheric feeling with haze drifting through the streets.

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