Lifestyle change

Lifestyle change

One aspect this journey has taught me is to be flexible with lifestyle. I spend much less time kayaking, hiking and skiing, and way more time listening to music, seeing awesome Shakespeare plays ( I love A Midsummer’s Night Dream) in pop up full scale models of the Globe, and reading good books.

Eating good food, well I have always enjoyed that but having the time to read about what we should eat, and exploring new recipes, that’s fun.

Vino cotto for salads, fresh coffee beans newly roasted, honey from a friend’s bees and a perfect avocado. Luxury.

I’ve said it a few times, I am one of the incredibly lucky people and am seeing steady, sustained improvements. Today I was practising kayak rescues, after actually doing a rescue yesterday for real. Tired now and I have a beautifully quiet Sunday afternoon, but I am beginning to regain some of my old life.

Some of it. I’ll probably never walk the Camino again, or ski black runs, or kayak grade 4 white water. However, I’m back to being able to imagine paddling a bit further, to a cafe for breakfast and good coffee with friends.

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