A peaceful one year weekend

A peaceful one year weekend

I have had a very peaceful weekend, celebrating one year since my AHSCT but also just getting on with a weekend of relaxation, camping and mild activity. We went down to Margaret River, a beautiful area about 3 hours south of Fremantle, camping in a lovely unpowered bush setting.

The weekend was far less about my anniversary than anticipated, and more about a lovely part of the State, swimming and walking, watching the AFL ( Aussie Rules Football) grand final, eating good for and drinking good wine. However, I guess that’s the point, I’m getting on with life. There’s a long way to go, see the graph which I have put on the blog before. I’d say it’s about right, I’m probably up the curve a bit from where I was pre-Russia but it’s accurate in the general progression to health. I’ll also add another graph, of the roller coaster which is very real; I have had a relatively easy ride but this pictogram is so true.

Any way, back to the weekend …

Good food, wine, and a fire each night. A bush campsite with mature trees, clean simple toilets, and space between sites. People around, but no-one on top of us.

Wildflowers on sandy beach paths, tall trees, warm spring weather but cool evenings and perfect nights for sleeping.

A beautiful beach, cool water on a warm morning but only for a splash as the rip pulling us out from the beach was fierce. An interpretive centre in the forest, with stories of the mill town which used to be there, and great, abstract sculptures.

My first year of recovery is over, the next year has begun in a manner I can emulate through the year. A peaceful weekend of good food, light exercise, doing my physiology exercises on a yoga matt in dappled sunshine, sleeping well in the cool spring of south-west WA. The focus is shifting, steadily, to living life. The rehabilitation and recovery is a long haul, and no-one knows where the end point will be found. So I’ll enjoy the journey.

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