One year ago

Here’s a link to my blog from one year ago, the day my stem cells were returned to me after four days of chemotherapy to suppress my immune system.

Stem cell transplantation day

It’s hard to know what to say. It’s been a tough year in many ways, and the roller coaster we all talk about is very real. The fatigue, stiffness for months, symptoms flaring up, blood tests going all over the place … paranoia about catching infections, only eating over-cooked food for months, the constant balancing of work, fatigue and rehab exercises. However, there’s also been help from unexpected places, a constructive workplace, recuperating in an Australian summer with clean air and beaches.

This treatment aims to halt progression. I got the bonus card, slow and steady improvements which are still ongoing.

Some photographs from the last year …

I think that progression captures this year very well.

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