2020 vision

2020 vision

I just got my eyes checked, and interestingly the optician felt that the AHSCT will have improved the condition of my eyes and eye sight. Being very mechanically and mathematically minded with no biology background, I have no idea why. However, he was very happy with the result of my tests … and I get to avoid bifocals for a bit longer !

I was reflecting on my vision for 2020, having made a point of making no New Year’s resolutions. My recovery has been going well enough that I don’t see a need to change the general direction, other than upping the exercise levels and focussing on strength. We have an app based on measurements from the scales in the bathroom, and while my weight is generally OK ( for the post Christmas excessive eating scenario, jeans maybe just a little tight), my percentage of body fat and muscle are not where I’d like them to be.

The thoughts around 2020 had been very focussed on travel, given my immune system is getting well back to normal. However, we bought next door !

Have a look; https://reiwa.com.au/31-samson-street-fremantle-4299321/#property-enquiry-4299321

This is an investment, as it’s rented out which just about covers the mortgage, but gets us a beautiful big block in Fremantle. Lots of flexibility, it’s a lovely home which needs a bit of love but has great period features.

So the vision for 2020 is much more focussed around living a careful life while we see how the finances settle, going on camper trailer holidays, eating and exercising well. Most importantly, it’s about keeping my stress particularly around work well under control.

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