Tasmania #1

There will be a few posts from Tasmania, as it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve visited, and this is a very quiet holiday with lots of spare time to relax, read, look at the view and post photographs !

I am here to visit a few people, I’m lucky enough to have a number of people here to stay with and with whom I chose to spend time. The fact they live in a cool, temperate and lightly developed state of Australia is such a bonus. I do know those are the main reasons they all moved here from elsewhere in Australia.

Yesterday’s walk in the trees, just down the hill from where I’m staying
My beautiful view in the sitting room, where I do my exercises

The good food is one of the reasons I love coming here, so far I’ve eaten great salmon, another fish I don’t remember the name of, and just finished a great long black with an espresso chocolate and salted caramel covered in dark chocolate. Someone had to prove the combination works !

Good coffee and chocolate in a retro cafe in Hobart

The bush fires here at the moment are terrible, about 60 fires with a fire front approx 1000km and uncontrolled. We are watching very carefully, where I am is safe for now but that could change. We’d get a good 48 hours or warning, but it’s still a sobering situation.

Hobart is 30 minutes away, that gets you parked in the very city centre from leaving about 3 villages/ towns distant along the highway which is a single carriage way road. Love it.

Closing time at the cafe, and end of the chess game
Hidden corners of Salamanca

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