Tasmania #2

Some more photographs of Tasmania, some of them not so pretty but it’s very sobering being here in the worst bush fire season for decades. None of the photographs here have been modified in any way.

Those colours are real. It was bizarre
Usually a clean white sandy beach
The smoke haze spreading across the sky

I went on a boat cruise yesterday, and while the visibility was terrible, in a way I’m glad I’ve seen the sights I did. There was something apocalyptic about the smoke, the ash, the colours and smell of burning. Even though I was ( and am) safely distant from the fires, the effects are inescapable.

It’s a reminder of the fragility of our environment. A couple of photographs from the clear side of the smoke cloud.

Swimming today was in beautiful, clear, cold water, a welcome respite from the heat and smoky clouds.

I was going to add more, but sitting here, listening to helicopters in the air above me, unable to see across the bay, with a very small fire in the village, there’s nothing to say.

Except … watching carefully and able to go in 10 minutes. Still unlikely to need to go, but prepared.

We are haunting this websites, showing the fire warnings. The fire fighters have been on duty, continuously, since Christmas.

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