Tasmania #3

Sitting in the airport, as always I am sad to be leaving Tasmania while happy to be heading home.

The bliss of a window seat, and the seat next to me empty
Looking rather magnificent while keeping cool in the shade on a hot WA day. Will they have forgotten me ?

The last few days have really shown the contrasts of Tasmania, from Mount Wellington at 2.5C and snowing, to swimming in the sea, Salamanca market with wallaby pies, one of the nicest Japanese poke bowls I’ve ever had, from bushfires with a fire front now extending 1600km, to watching the light at sunrise through the trees from my very comfortable bed.

What view ??
18C at sea level, wearing all the clothes I had, or borrowed, at 1270m
And that was without wind chill ! The snow was coming in horizontally
A few hundreds of metres lower, where I stopped for a much needed hot chocolate

Watching a really good production of Les Miserables after great fish and chips by the harbour, and checking the bush fire status in the interval.

The converted church seated maybe 300 people, fantastic acoustics
Battery Point, and the artillery store. Used by the local militia in case Hobart needed defended against Russian ships during the Crimean War
Salamanca market, with Mt W in the background. A dangerously good shopping experience
Wooden boats in the harbour, on a calm evening

And the food, well I could go back just to enjoy the food and wine and gin !

Tofu poke bowl with heaps of veg, my idea of heaven !
A wallaby pie and Juicy Lucy drink, also my idea of heaven

However, what I will really miss is the proximity of good friends, being able to just drop by for a cup of tea or lunch. The drive is never long, the road is windy, the pace of life is slow and peaceful.

And a special mention for my rehab supervisor !

Zebedee the wonder dog, and constant companion

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